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We believe design adds value and a strategic approach is as important as execution.
We are relentless in our pursuit of quality craftsmanship in all that we do.

We're a close-knit team made up of business, psychology, design and developer specialists who are passionate and love what we do and have created a working culture at Carlsche Media that emphasizes on the core values of creative collaborations in the company. Our team consists of extremely motivated individuals who have brought game-changing strategies and perspective to the table for our clients who have taken the bold step to revamp themselves. We embrace the importance of visual communication in every industry and constantly push the boundaries of your brand positioning globally.

Experience Innovation & Creative Brilliance with Carlsche Media.


Carlsson Chee

CARLSSON CHEE - Founding Director

Recognized internationally as an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Web and Video Specialist, Carlsson is the founder of this design firm that was established in 2008.

Carlsson was featured in Singapore newspapers and in August & October 2011 for his tenacious & entrepreneurial spirit and his creative involvement with Women's Fashion Week 2011 respectively. In 2012, he started concentrating on giving startups advice and what they need to expect during their journey.

As a full-fledge Creative Professional, Carlsson continues to explore different industries that could grow the innovative minds of creative individuals. He believes that there are no boundaries for learning and continues to do so wherever he goes.

Carlsson has been keen to explore philanthropic ways to help others since young and is constantly finding ways to do fulfil that dream.

CHERYL LIM - Executive Manager

Being well versed in visual communication, Cheryl graduated with Master of Design. She works closely with Carlsson to bring the best implementation process for our clients.

She also has a profound understanding and huge passion for social media marketing, which allow our clients to explore the usage of marketing concepts through social media via their website, while providing creative strategic and brand insights to our broad range of clients.

Her forward thinking and visionary ideas have brought about changes in strategies and structuring in many of our client's portfolios. She is constantly in check with Carlsson to explore the creative possibilities of the different industries.

Cheryl Lim

Noor Roslan

NOOR ROSLAN - Strategy Director

Currently pursuing a Degree in Psychology, he was brought on board Carlsche Media when he demonstrated how people responded with certain things that were done, and effectively modified the way a brand would be perceived the way he wanted.

Together with the creative input of the rest of the team — all work together to create the best possible experience. Noor's vision of focused strategies can help position new brands or re-emerging brands on the competitive market.

Meticulously organized, Noor has an eye for the details and handles much of the strategic development.

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