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Earth Hour 2013

Earth Hour 2013 (23/03/2013)

This is the 5th consecutive year that Carlsche Media will be taking part in Earth Hour. We'll be turning off all the power at our office, and we also have pledged to turn off all our lights and air-conditioner at home for at least an hour. Be the miracle the Earth needs.

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Carlsson speaks at Entrepid

Entrepid's Connection Night (17/07/2012)

Our Director was invited to give a talk to members of Entrepid, a community of people who inspire to be entrepreneurs. He shared his journey as well as how he challenged multiple problems as the company brand grew.

Photography / Benjamin Chia, Entrepid

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Carlsson speaks at RMIT Graduation Showcase

RMIT University Graduation Talk (03/07/2012)

Carlsson was invited by RMIT University Communication Design students to speak at the Graduation Showcase. Our Director talks to the graduating students of Bachelor of Design from RMIT University about his creative journey and gives advice on creative startups.

Photography / Phillip Lam

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Carlsson speaks at DBS Remix Official Opening

DBS Remix Official Opening (01/10/2011)

Carlsson was invited by DBS to speak at its Official Opening of DBS Remix at Scape, to talk about his journey of startups and experience he garnered along the way. You can read more of the launch at Francesca Soh's blog here.

Photography / Benjamin Chia

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